Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Producers (2005)

I love musicals. I love comedies. I love comedy-musicals. This movie is good. It's about two guys "who should be in straight jackets" that start a show on Broadway that's sure to be a flop, then raise a lot of money, then close the show and run off to Rio with the cash. They pick 'Springtime for Hitler', which is written by a Nazi. The songs are great, the story is comedy gold, and Matthew Broderick (Leo Bloom), who is one of my favorite actors, does great along with Will Ferrel (Franz Liebkind) and Nathan Lane (Max Bialystock). I really like this movie. It's good, but quite innapropriate. It has some very catchy songs in it, and the humor is great. As a caveman would say: Matt, Nate, movie, songs, funny, good!


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